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    No works of art extant, only names of painters and some descriptions of individual pieces: Apelles Zeuxis Parrhasios... and Still Life With Grapes so perfect even birds were fooled. Art history blind, long lists of painters and works and accounts of different contexts, all it could offer. Then, one single work of art found: The Lions Of Chauvet, and art history could see again! start reconstruction of what lost. For example: thanks to extensive and well-grounded research into historical context of Caravaggio time and life, injected into that Chauvet animation, art history felt certain their reconstruction of Repentant Magdalene as supplemented here, could be considered correct even in details.

  • [1391]

    Suppose all paintings in The Louvre covered by code-locked shutters since harvest day, codes lost and forgotten. Would not task of scholars then be open them up by hacking the code? But there are no shutters on the Louvre paintings.

  • [1392]

    Suppose only random photographs then no art of photography since no ihherent initiative of reflection. Cf all art galleries showed nothing but framed mirrors why go visit?

  • [1393]

    Analysis does away with acknowledgement-through-demonstration.

  • [1394]

    Would I not by and large be capable of identifying what counts as art in any society without asking? By sorting out what appears to be suspended in temporal space.

  • [1395]

    If art-for-art, difficult conceive of irrefutable evidence since aborted from any system that is closed on itself. If eg if all propositions of language are tautological as claimed by The Tractatus.

  • [1396]

    One and same object could be considered work of art in different circles but this common appointment would not necessarily suggest common value. Both bees and humans fond of flowers.

  • [1397]

    Could be irrelevant in respect to something appointed work of art whether anything else than identification of it attract attention.

  • [1398]

    Appoint, by means of some coordinate system, a number of not yet existing views as works of art. In what sense would they form a corpus?

  • [1399]

    'Showing' of Tractatus not based on signs but on source of evidence preceding signs. Sinks back into namelessness after having been attended to. Cf semiotics having no access to namelessness because extant only as structure.

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