lit the dome light
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  • [641]

    Precision and clarity mutual attraction. Different from roots? Clarity postulate aesthetic basis of language.

  • [644]

    Clarity and evidence same except for difference of reach. Clarity beyond evidence since light in place even in not yet illuminated by portion of clarity person avail themself of in situation.

  • [645]

    Book keeping on precision and clarity not separate but mix in making true-to-life.

  • [647]

    Open voice clear and precise discerned even deep down in husky voice buried in writing even.

  • [648]

    To what degree of detail does customer have to go retrieve wristwatch at lost-and-found?

  • [649]

    Could help start talk or stop. Steady talking no help since no preserved space of silence inherent of clarity.

  • [650]

    Magnets clean apart no different from any other separate objects. And connected nothing to distinguish magnetic force from glue. Demonstration bring words and evidence into zone of proximity where forces of mutual attraction between language and evidence revealed. Jargon is dull cement nothing laid bare nothing exert attraction.

  • [651]

    Walking to and fro forked stick in hands. Only as long as resist urge of satisfaction of attraction. Where is that force? In hands or underground?

  • [652]

    Outside philosophy quest for clarity need not be noted anyway what attention seek bring about. Wittgenstein thought decent people take care of clarity without ado simply by caring.

  • [653]

    Words bounce around kaleidoscopic pattern of agreement and disagreement children playing. Voices but no chorus of one voice since latter does not jump about.

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