little lights glowed red

    Moment of hesitation glint of confusion in eyes of perpetrator both excitement and premonition of remorse and guilt in very act of villainy. Martyrdom of St.Ursula. Caravaggio.


    Caravaggio Repentant Magdalene incorporate Virgin Mary with Infant Christ. Was it not heard Caravaggio used suicide by drowning for Queen of Heaven in The Dormition?


    Not only Gattamelata horse but number of Donatello single figures restlessly pacing even in position of immobility. St.George and Habakuk stance of strong stride energy of unrest far from the contrapposto that Donatello reserved and articulated in the extreme case of David. Nothing restless about that boy.


    Overpowering weight and infinite expanse key to Michelangelo intimacy. Had Michelangelo been a Rococo artist he might have been acclaimed for his miniature porcelain figures for eyes to fondle.


    Sculpture is containment and erectness of carriage little mass left in Giacometti slender walking falling man yet not compromised. Absorbed visitor Giacometti sharp stride to reach tap him amicably on shoulder: Hey!


    Giacometti understanding of sculpture as single piece even as still life painter but then sitting in Cézanne space. Which does not allow for solitary piece to stand out in isolation.


    Cézanne could not possibly have made a carving since unable to articulate containment and carriage of isolated body. Giacometti on the other hand was a master not only of the individual piece but also of Cézannesque space. Rodin knew how to articulate containment and erect carriage of isolated body, by turn inwards as in coma or dream or think Bronze Age.


    Although Cézanne never did carvings his mature paintings largely based on studies of carvings, as book illustrations. As if isolated piece of sculpture informed space like does a chord space of music, his still life tempering space like Bach tempering the klavier.

    Empty canvas act solid mute to blind hand. Cézanne trained eye-of-hand read vibrant transparency and diversity of depth. Notice slight irregularities. What happen to tabletop under cloth? Cf Caravaggio. Try attribute feet and head to same stableman behind horse. Or of course Large Glass. For each and every component within overarching transparency, certain key to characterize certain mood of mode or dimension. Cf modulation in music.

    Caravaggio did not fail on purpose rather knew components interpenetrate and come apart unpredictably in any process of articulation that does not shy away by some kind of makeup padding, for hiding anomalies.


    Puget, Cézanne of sculpture, entangled bodies revealing texture of space cf weathervane telling wind. Cézanne, Puget of painting, chiseling splinters of light from block of transparence.