loose assembly
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    Gender issue: manmaid readymade.


    Fact light spreads in band of different colors when pass through prism make light different from things in motion subject to all kinds of retardation and reshaping along their way.

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    Perfectly ordered non-refracted bouncing of incident light from mirror supports non-narcissistic company by which I see us together no drown in one's own.

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    Room in which light goes out. Still afterglow of  memory needed for preserving place as it was bridge gap until light turned on again. If something lost in meantime thief or other explanation.

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    Fact light in cosmic context bends means light neither takes place occupies space but constitutes that all.

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    Prism is mirror in which light itself reflected through refraction. Rainbow, is it not self portrait of Light? Does not refracted light reflect back on its source in eyes of beholder?

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    Something been said. Might have acute memory of preceding moment when nothing so far been said. Is this not conversation? Links of moments-of-silence of things not yet said.

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    Rembrandt and Goya considered light agent affect scene, etching light and fretting obscurity infiltrate life. Both outstanding etchers to whom obscurity was not absence of light but dark illumination. Does not illuminate the dark.

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    Lene Westergaard Hau has shown that a light pulse can be completely stopped for up to several milliseconds. She writes: we take matters further: we stop and extinguish a light pulse in one part of space and revive it in a completely different location. The experiments create a new paradigm for control and inter-conversion of light and matter.
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    Mirrors and white clouds do not reduce light although in opposite ways: scatter light regularly and irregularly respectively.

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