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    Point of departure Robert M.Pirsig in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance; an Inquiry into Values 1974: state of massive confusion due to misguided intellectual work devoid of Quality. In next book Lila; An Inquiry into Morals 1991 explored implications of Quality in direction of language as social competence. Taken together quest into morals of maintenance.

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    Would Pirsig approach be therapeutic? in that quality obviously saved him from tormenting confusion. Is not his point seek transcend personal involvement rid research from traps of self delusion? Whole other matter.


    Academies and Institutes exert themselves in securing standards of method as matter of quality-of-container and not of contents. Pirsig quality does not set container and contents apart. Leonardo vision reads no conflict between potentiality and contingency.


    Pirsig's motto for Zen from Plato:

    And what is good, Phaedrus,
    And what is not good

    Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?

    Author wrestle with question get informed despite wrestling simply by way of observing and dealing appropriately what comes one's way.

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    Realize trip one takes might set process of quality going. Caring for things underway minimum definition of journey know one can do better. Would not wave of quality help one along in right direction? Pirsig process of quality personal pursuit penetrate every endevor runs into trouble from step back position of distance. Cf Duchamp quality process dominated by Bride identification of whom dissolve in same process. Wittgenstein of the Investigations both wave of quality and direction of attraction. Composition of Pirsig and Duchamp.