mind over matter
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    Help thinking erase every 10th word of writ.


    Handle words as objects trample them to dust flatten them baby talk burn them nail them 95 theses posted on Wittenberg Schlosskirche door in observance of academic custom til this day.

    Tractatus paragraphs appropriately nailed to door of entrance of its own construction fitted together blocks into giant landmark-of-mind spare no expense. Remarks of Investigations opposite handle-with-care any makeshift incomplete re-collection of entries into which Wittgenstein introduced building-of-building critical example backwardswinding to pristine moment of nothing of no monument at all exactly where fresh nvestigation happens.

    Just as Duchamp engaged by words in dictionaries bodies of pristine entries to which amendments by erasing, not deleting, and adding no intent of censorship or propaganda whatsoever but for some supplementary marginal reading-value. What else could Duchamp or alike do?

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    Individual be without identity.


    Turing test and follow-ups deep blue etcetera ask whether robot opponent. Duchamp chess does not ask whether opponent woman or man but cares for range of opposite expression of two present each-one-of-us in game. Two robots playing chess do they express two-of-us given as water and gas?

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    Pensive Schubert wistful thinking molto moderato et cantabile no.18 in G going elsewhere til called back to keyboard discontinuous unfocused but without nerves no hard working jockey like Bach et al. Cage in mind. Not what music is but where wander.

    Sphinx, concocted from Merriam-Webster by this author:
    …winged female monster in Greek mythology having woman's head and lion's body noted for killing anyone unable to answer its riddle an enigmatic or mysterious person she a sphinx whose features hold blank fascination ancient Egyptian image in form of recumbent lion having man's head, a ram's head, or a hawk's head.
    Cf. cat at night sitting on your chest look into your eyes indefinitely. What? Solve that riddle and gates of language opened. Cf. Wittgenstein run up against walls of language gotten rid of...
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    Schubert sonata. Next movement does not follow on previous by carrying something on in terms of contrast theme or some other way rather forgets about it cf. somebody  finally say: Forget all I told you.


    Quattrocento focused on vanishing. Assett: measurable depth up to lost in depth. Could eg appreciate time would take walk way up to this or that landmark in picture. Undoable in icon. High renaissance episode of vanishing in eye of somebody close like oneself. Dürer. No mark to reach by so and so many steps from here-of-me to there and then. Assett: immesurable depth of halted vision.

    High Renaissance parenthesis framed by Leonardo Supper and Raphael School, pinpointing protagonists in relation to vanishing point, implying collapse of both measurable and immeasurable depth. Critical difference: Christ in Supper, one like there is but one vanishing point in linear perspective while philosophers are two as in disputation.

    Raphael saw opening dilemma of disambiguation, put an end to high renaissance. Realized imagination is division from start like what one think is mostly not exactly what one speak even if all one aspires do. Took him double picture of Transfiguration to sort it out. And did with far-reaching implications. The Large Glass never stopped taking lessons from The School and The Transfiguration as composite visual statement.


    Raphael Transfiguration and Velázquez Hilanderas caught in orbit revolving around one another.

    Portrait and landscape picture formats escape square best save for pavings and the like. Portrait and landscape loaded squares stimulating lateral and vertical thinking respectively.

    Raphael two storey composition cf look through window different floors different stories. Velázquez foreground/background terms of silhouette arrangement. Means back and front tell same through difference. Boy in seizure and spinner slouching in mid shade same critical presence but opposite: absent-minded spinner and mindful seer of boy.

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    Seen her on campus for years never greet when pass by in corridor. Know she knows slight discomfort. Saw her on distance in park beyond reach and need of mustering matter. Waved to me. Far revealed close balance over time sensible mutual acknowledgment.

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