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  • [115]

    Is not Tractatus speech and vision set apart yet amalgamated? Speech interrupted by silence opening up for breathing vista.

  • [121]

    Wittgenstein never meant Tractatus be riddle but clarifies as such when things fall into place.

  • [149]

    Wittgenstein aware how slippery road of philosophy strong doubts about language vehicle of philosophical progress. Why not gardening? Took good traction control stay on road sensitive to words spinning loose on spot or sliding away mud of confusion. By way of abstaining from arguments patches of oil lubricating already slick surface rocket thinking in direction of tangent next bend. Remarks are different: grip because forced back to ground of example first triggered them let speak for themself.

  • [150]

    Philosophical Investigations list observations on grammar afford plurality to match endless multiplicity of disparate instances covered by name of 'grammar'. Tractatus different, large canvas encompassing all possible views. Strange brew since all possible views taken together would produce something not be told apart from almost nothing temporal affair delay in words to paraphrase Duchamp delay in glass. Very much same consideration.

  • [151]

    If Tractatus picture spelled out in words then Large Glass words stripped bare to image of picture.

  • [154]

    Division of letters and pictures and voicing and viewing twinned operation.

  • [155]

    Tractatus neither book nor picture but some both. Suppose said about somebody spoke like book. Would it mean speaking like reading from book? No, but that speaker conveyed clarity of good book, provision of clear view gained by switching on windscreen wipers in bad weather of mind.

  • [156]

    Praise somebody speak like book roundabout way of express compliment? Why not praise a clear voice? A clear voice is not cleared throat but voice of clarity, illuminated voice, voice with picture in it. Joan Bayez said Jussi Björling had tears in his voice (SvD 2016-07-31). Or in non-optical terms an informed voice as in experienced.


    Clarity is informed. Clear voice. Unlike information administered in packages of bits and pieces. Clarity, not found in directories mined for pieces of information.

    In Gibson understanding of affordance information blends with clarity much like topography and light blend in Monet landscape no coded information.

    Clear day, meteorological statement ignore eg striking clarity of foggy landscape as in Hasegawa Tohaku. But clearing voice says nothing about informed voice. More as if when fog lifted still nothing but fog.

  • [158]

    Gravitation informs carriage of body. Heard informed voice of sharing.

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