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    Cube in perspective develop pictorial depth needed for housing same. Aureole, something that cannot be seen in perspective translate to flatness on canvas or screen yet suggest depth of space as shine a light.


    Thrust of Caravaggio early works dump contents in lap of beholder, give way to stillness of comprehensive view in late paintings. Difference in versions of Emmaus: surprise and tender, respectively.


    Early works, like Narcissus recently cleaned mint condition must see live, emerging knee satin shine waistcoat. Late works Lazarus and Sta. Lucia, spectrum narrows down, erosive shades faint gestures taking over.


    Compose picture like packing suitcase in haste cluttered first version of Santa Maria del Popolo Caravaggio Conversion. Breathless and confused, even when not compared to second and final version. Duchamp Draft Pistons, The Nets, Cooling Fins and The Bride's Clothes, come to mind. Big machines. The Large Glass certainly one. Need system of breathing and cooling, not to choke or jam. Final Conversion does precisely that: does not choke or jam.


    Learn appreciate Caravaggio Roman works through books possibly disappointed in situ cramped space of narrow over-decorated chapels. Better off isolated in books. Late works another matter make poor illustrations better breathe same similar space beholder in situ. Cf Seven Works of Mercy in spacious setting of Pio Monte Della Misericordia 3 Naples. Difficulty in sorting things out, those seven. Cf Bill Haley's band The Comets play in the cramped space of a railway carriage en route (Getty Images).


    Raphael smooth guidance along rails of looping contours Caravaggio sudden confrontation little visual support of railings. No retinal ride but arrested image reject negotiation. Imprint of afterimage.


    Caravaggio no preparatory studies painter of icons in a sense. Pantokrator or Queen of Heaven cannot be asked turn head slightly for variation. Same pertains to face of self contempt.


    Although close together disciples alone in grief. Caravaggio dissolve group without scattering it refrain from marking sorrow by common surge of emotion pass through ensemble common device eg Carracci Assumption of Virgin.


    Those influenced by Caravaggio failed make sense of his unforced space. Vermeer similar sense of open space even in closed compartments of apartments immersed separate observations in flow of light almost Egyptian.


    Place of peace need not be peaceful any other sense than model imbue space with peace as in Manet Bar at Folies Bergères. Reggio Warriors expand peace. So does Caravaggio Sleeping Cupid. Also sad peace about Beheading of St John Malta. If Caravaggio life was storm then his imagination in eye of it.

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