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    Decency not curiosity driving force. Waiter in service of absent guest moderator of sorts. Wittgenstein.

  • [685]

    True cuirassier wish be scratched on armor.


    Silhouette cutter swiftly feed piece of paper into beak of scissors peel fall to ground portrait complete impressive economy. Why all those complex procedures like opera and fresco? Duchamp riven silhouette ripped along metal sheet profile for self portrait.

  • [694]

    In graphic arts true-to life-make sense in so far as presentation and re-presentation at some stage simultaneously present cf. identity check when passing borders.

    What about language? Somebody good at mimicking voice of somebody does not go deep enough, using somebody voice for pun. Like caricature need not go to source but add to already scheme of schematic. Playwright then? Too deep. Drama does not portray but penetrate deeper and deeper.

    True-to-life is no exchange of ideas. Impression of The Investigations simply pursued by author engaged in writing true to life.

    Wittgenstein 'language games' compiled to picture album. An album is not about anything but collection of scraps be checked against author in presence. Best case Wittgenstein lecturing. Why student notes from his lectures so instructive.

    When actor miss cue prompter re-connect. In capacity of being his own prompter Wittgenstein helped back to grammar of life whenever risk fall into some line of thought stuck in moras of words it produces. Cues delivered from his own inconspicuous presence in blank space between paragraphs. His inner prompter no hidden company with office help him back in line of thought but the opposite: to disrupt connection to any score whenever such invitation presents itself easy way out.

  • [701]

    Even if Wittgenstein did nothing else than what any open-minded speaker could do in efforts of clearing up muddled speech done with attention of research gave us source few others would care to compile. No research needed for taking care of aftermath of dinner party yet preciesly the kind of intellectual undertaking he committed himself to.

  • [703]

    Shuffled test recordings and sketches matter of making-and-matching. Cf testified methods in research. For practioner no application of method from without. Nothing but matter of getting lineaments right. Definition of 'lineament' (Merriam-Webster):

    1 a :  an outline, feature, or contour of a body or figure and especially of a face—usually used in plural /.../
    2 :  a distinguishing or characteristic feature—usually used in plural

  • [706]

    Distinctly apart or close together who knows what difference it makes? On guard against verbal intrusion into silent appreciation. Far away absent in thoughts or not? Hard to tell.

  • [708]

    Dark clouds... Rain? Still time fetch umbrella. Hell no! Too late! Uncertainty tends towards silence while critical turns tend to be voiced.

    No wonder words slippery means of coming to grips with state of mind. If one could trick oneself in and out of moods there would be no recognition at all. Turn pale from fear blush for shame apples reddening with season colors fade into shade. If environment controlled by words then only on/off alternation of position or state and no sense of emergence and vanishing. Of immersion that is.


    Eve of Autun sister of Ludovisi Throne Aphrodite. Figures in water move gracefully because wading gliding swimming clarify continuous propulsion. Does it not occasionally seem as though classical ballet dancer immersed in medium slightly higher viscosity than air of audience?

    Does not think tank help induce feeling of being immersed in thinking? Quality change. Would not somebody dolphin intelligence have to do away with logical distinction for advancement of gyroscopic orientation in timespace instead? Is there not an amphibian quality about Einstein spacetime immersion in General Relativity?

  • [713]

    Amphibian truth calculus.

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