on a hidden sandbar
  • [574]

    Theorein; to watch, to view. Theory, not as abstraction but way of approach way of attraction.

  • [600]

    If pass away mean cross waters then passage in both directions stairway to heaven for someone to descend. Return suggested by any topography can be prohibited though. Duchamp domain introduces moment of inertia and delay, his word. Serve imagination like slow motion.


    Charlie Rivel drag chair into ring of circus trapped where fighter fortune regularly played out. After many attempts manage climb up on seat vain hope stand tall for overview from such low a podium, eyes slowly turned skywards break out in whining, free mountain spirit of shepherd for ever lost. He’s a clown! That he who, far back source of crucial evidence saved blindly, mediated to 'somebody important' lost in phrases of self-deceit meet destiny through truth of language spoken and brought down by same to gritty ground of theater.

  • [608]

    Shepherd no walker talker stand their ground in public space but crouching figure flute in pocket scan terrain for possible disturbance.

  • [609]

    Guardian angel discreet company no off duty appearance. Clown backstage reminder of mission of defeat.


    Face of angel only at face value what angel face says: simple minded nothing to hide. Sorrow shine through mask of laughter of clown archaic smile turn wry face. Portrait of Polish woman at shipyard Gdańsk Swedish tabloid 1980s photographer unknown.


    Tearful laugh of clown stiff upper lip aspect of same. Guardian Angel no mask neither prey of praise nor zero-set against adverse.