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  • [882]

    For language be conceived of agreement devotion and economy.

  • [883]

    Kant conceived of mind as Bach of music. Kunst der Fuge as Critique of Musical Reason.

  • [884]

    Athletic action does not pretend ballet, nor plain speech poetry.

  • [885]

    Street mime slip on fictitious banana peel. Years later, walking down same street, I remember exact spot where that treacherous peel of ambush.

  • [895]

    Causality no privileged position in lifeform perspective. Would not Beckett and Duchamp agree on that?

  • [896]

    Topography veiled or not, what allows response for better or worse. 

  • [897]

    Experience of unexperienced, indulge sensation one after another. Would we talk faster and faster compensate for cascading deficit of experience?

  • [898]

    Can science go too far? No, since science is approximation. Cf artist need know when and where to stop. Before decline sneak in.

  • [907]

    Could there be spelling error in thinking. Or a lisp?

  • [908]

    Primary sense of word can be taught while secondary sense only learned.

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