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    Ornament or depth, parietal art tips scale in favor of swell of life.

  • [498]

    Letter characters scratched impressed inscribed, cut into crust of Earth. Language as earthenware. Suppose ancient sponges found in caves along Dead Sea shores had miraculously retained their original heavy elasticity of contained moisture, give off murmur of fluent voices when squeezed more ancient than script.

    Would hear liquid language irretrievably run lost between eagerly squeezing fingers untouched by elements of abstraction introduced by inscription trigger one lasting shock baking language in heat of sun into system cannot be undone. Is not singing reminiscent of lost liquid language? Gould murmur of humming lost liquid sponge speech.

  • [499]

    Speech collapse into kiss speak like walk on thin ice, skinless words congealing into formal language.

  • [500]

    Wittgenstein reflect on speak rather than think. Speech inform thinking rather than other way around.


    Linger at source of attraction then move on from station to station. Not so Ancient Egypt or Duchamp or Giacometti. Rather everything beheld in passage neither leave behind nor stop in front of future all there every phase of gliding along no passive undertaking but close to in case of basking in the sun.

  • [503]

    Voices fade and return distant radio station as of back then. Imagine voices in conversation fade come back at intervals underlying mechanism unknown and beyond control part of language hence no deficiency. True, visual environment presents itself upside down on the retina no problem since sight got used to it.

  • [504]

    Empty-handed child in tears words trickling forth saccadically through sobbing and hopping you want to know why but know instinctively consolation precedes reasoning. Icecream dropped in the sand.

  • [505]

    Language we speak language of discipline been case since day of script. Dead Sea Sponges held no inscriptions but saturated with liquid language murmur of voices

  • [506]

    Kind of text reader can tell exactly when information retrieved say from some directory and such paid attention to for the call of it.

  • [507]

    Wittgenstein flying start in logic trained engineer converted technician construct logic machine final paragraph bolt by which fastened to floorboards prevent it from spending power in vibration oscillation or self rotation. Sense it makes depend on whether spin motion of machine successfully translates to drill mode of probe or not.

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