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    Still in Holland portray workers Vincent empathy came out little too preachy. When painting olive grove outside window St.Remy succeed find appropriate expression of soulful presence by largely disregard human presence focusing nature itself.

    In each one of those olive trees Vincent observe agony and compassion of Grünewald Magdalene, of The Isenheim Altarpiece Crucifixion. Each tree turn in prayer towards source of light like Magdalene to dead Christ living. No slightest tinge of patronizing attitude in those gnarly vibrating branches reach for light. Simply what olive trees do. Vincent got from Grünewald true expression clear thinking good therapy.


    Vincent introduced strong contrast into Millet gradual Farmers Resting: stark blue against shine of yellow never golden. However radical contrast protective coloring of complementarity and that couple of farmers good as hidden since those hues of yellow and blue complete spectrum of light, vibrant white light turned visible through Vincent graphical brushwork.


    Blue Self Portrait does not characterize but express Vincent. When portraying hired models and friends streak of symbolism and characterization creeps into La berceuse or blatantly as when portraying Gauguin through his Chair. Rembrandt made no difference between self portrait and portrait of fellow person painted all portraits blue in a sense.


    Learning quiet withdrawn colleague at office painted self portraits with eyes ablaze in sparetime would make cautious. First impresson of Vincent Self Portrait in Blue might convey impression of self obsession but no. Extrovert mind. Just that centripetal and centrifugal motion happen be hard to distinguish in pictorial representation at times. Vincent centripetal reach definitely opposite from office colleauge gone lost in vacuum of sparetime centrifugal self. Vincent for colleague no problem.


    Vincent Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear exception. No intensity but calm and comfort of peaceful smoker spell of complete relaxation of spa visit recovering convalescent seeing himself as company without focus or strain blowing smoke rings together.


    Vincent fields Auvers wrote to Theo about new harmony. Gone mad? Or try keep brother from worrying? Meyer Schapiro puts it right, Vincent referred to a new congruence of landscape and mind being in same state of turbulent anxiety. 'On a Painting of van Gogh' in Modern Art, 19th 20th Centuries, 1978.


    If Vincent thought last Auvers landscapes progress then in what way different from similarly agitated landscapes from St.Remy? Could not difference be of therapy and diagnosis? The Olive Grove absorbed his passion while Auvers Fields translated it, gave it language. Unfortunately these two sets of paintings arrived at in wrong order. Had he done Auvers Fields before Olive Grove paintings he would have got his symptoms diagnosed before setting in therapy. Remarkable about Grünewald Isenheim Altarpiece is that diagnosis and therapy are one and same.


    Would not perfect translation be indistinguishable from master language? Could not Vincent have felt Auvers fields happened to trace his mental terrain perfectly? Did so because reached far and deep into Affinitas back home in 1400s of Limbourg and van Eyck brothers. Died in pain at home in native language.