plagues of egypt
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    Had it been possible Leonardo would certainly have cut image open like Lucio Fontana study its anatomy plow deep furrows in medium of support, liquid and resistant as mud.


    Unstoppable surge connect Rubens and Vincent neither romantic nor plein-air rather like weaver at loom produce fabric of canvas together with picture pattern presented in same operation like nature: energy of articulation coexist every bit of way into depth. Leonardo fluent geographical statement natural point of departure challenge linear perspective. Knew void of linear depth never in touch with what represented hence quest of alternative approach, yes approach.

  • [1742]

    Vincent Breughel and Rubens in line with tradition established from Limbourg brothers and onwards articulate fabric of life set and seen as wide panorama.


    Assume paintings are dreams did Mondrian dream piling boxes? Would piling boxes be sweet dreams?


    Mondrian at home in Arnolfini Betrothal: Piet Mondrian fuit hic carved into trunk of arborized life. Bride, referred to as of 'arbor-type' revealed to author by author had to re-compose broken glass after accident in transportation. Cf shards of broken pot put back together and in place reveal pattern been hidden all the way up to revelation by accident.

  • [1745]

    An embryo is lopsided starting point thus turbulent in growth make being with tendency like left or right while: vanishing point of linearity is but sigh of loss since asymmetry of life lost.

  • [1746]

    Vanishing point of perspective has no quality of energy hence phantom eye totallly different from eye of tornado.


    Increase power of traction until weakest link snap clean cut. A rope slowly stretched until finally giving in not a single filament coming apart more like slipping grip of overlap friction faint sigh of lost cohesion. Origo, Leonardo, snap or not whereas Affinitas rather observe instances of cohesion. Cf Leonardo Supper and Rembrandt Batavians: turmoil of division and marriage by oath.

  • [1748]

    Hologram organize itself in space disintegrate in vagueness when beheld out-of-line of proper line of inspection. Read Mondrian like hologram in mind otherwise simple grid. In-spection is precisely what it says: a looking into something leave pattern of picture behind. For image to afford itself: put itself at disposal to trusted beholder. Like Duchamp for example.


    Was not Theo van Doesburg real turning point? Mondrian had taken heed of van Eyck Breughel Vermeer and Vincent in every respect while Doesburg struck on recipe of a pattern.

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