pulled the blinds
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    Botticelli let focus of attraction be origin and source of scenery and action. Venus unaware of commotion her presence sets going. She Unmoved Mover. Cf Rubens Helene in Fur Moved Mover. Eye contact tells. Duchamp Bride fall somewhere in between unmoved but in passage. Regardless Mover no eye contact ever yet tell correspondence of pervasive vision.

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    Duchamp irony and desire Wittgenstein pride and shame.


    Large Glass no opening in wall but  windeye windscreen positioned inside room held in position by scaffolding frame. Remember Ulf Linde focused on concept of espalier or trellis some late thinking. Is not scaffolding kind of prosthesis crutches for legs of support? Espalier different guide educate growth from roots. Linde suggested with characteristic force, in lecture, Duchamp considered crutches and trellis symbiotically. At least thought I heard Linde express this his mature revealing insight.

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    Game idea crucial but Wittgenstein no gambler and all that goes with it. Duchamp addiction to gambling act of balanc no hazard to health.

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    Duchamp b1887 Wittgenstein b1889 engineers of sorts their respective machines Tractatus and Large glass kept them busy from around 1912 to approximately mid-twenties works wrapped up conclusive statements unwrapped as thoroughly inconclusive.

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    Investigations and Étant Donnés respective late works hanging in air if not considered side by side with Tractatus and Large Glass respectively: structure of early works meet perception and grammar of late work.


    Transfiguration and Large Glass same division of lower and upper domain, critical link established by inspired evidence. Of boy in seizure, Raphael, and The Nine Shots of bachelors on heat, Duchamp. Eyes of inflamed perception cooled by The Ocular Witnesses in Duchamp and helplessly leafing bookish learning down left in Raphael.


    Botticelli Birth of Venus on top of Primavera. Bipartite picture like Duchmp Large Glass. The Bride prefigured in glass like Venus in water. Primavera blindfolded Eros shoot arrows and Bachelors distribute their desire vaguely about her position.

    Primavera Mercury witness negotiator between divine and terrestrial whips up clouds shade eyes from blinding source of light while the Eye Witnesses in lower part of Glass provide impartial info about terrain of desire. Cf risk zone information around shooting range.


    Perspective, to Dürer matter of plotting pixels while issue of setting light right to Duchamp of Étant Donnés.

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    Common denominator of 'tautology' and 'association' is transfer. Tautological transfer cannot be undone because nothing to undo. Association is transfer that sticks or slips. If stick transfer remembered if slip fast forgotten.

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