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    Picture for message depends on writ since message organized by language. Prophets were scribes not painters. Imagination got harnessed by script. Was not from begin.

  • [1843]

    Theme of Maids of Honor none. Asking for theme is close to looking for message. Eyes are not cued on messages but intrigued by ambiguity and blur bringing clarity without dissolve confusion.


    Principle of Annunciation modelled on prophesy of incarnation entered womb of Virgin Mary significance of picture gained by embedded message eg Caravaggio. Whole lot of painting both sides of Alps seek confirmation by annunciation ie when substantial meaning of icon lost.

    Language at heart of picture since words of voice sort out addressee where visuality in all its varied shapes and forms silent environment accept it or not. The Bride in command of operation distributing orders to her suitors cannot be called into question like Virgin Mary could not possibly have refused. Duchamp introduced silent voice of annunciator at heart of his pictorial concern.


    Clearly portrayed as by Sánchez-Cotán has one not seen innumerable photographs without message without asking for one?


    Explorative eye of Velázquez undisturbed and confident or image would have fallen apart for all diversity. El Greco probably meant great deal explore apocalyptic events without dizzy in process.


    Velázquez possibly learn from Breughel deal with multiplicity through vantage point. Is not Maids of Honor varied and composite like Breughel social scene? But if Breughel viewed from vantage of elevated perch Velázquez from right amidst confusion only point from where all around no distant clarity of perspective.


    Return in shame surrender in defeat. Painting as informed by Caravaggio must it not be wholehearted consignment to shame and defeat? Rembrandt and Velàzquez articulate aspects of the same.


    Rembrandt cut down Conspiracy of The Batavians to manageable size. Harm done not all that serious since like in majority of Rembrandt central portion of picture somehow contains whole of it. Downsizing little else than reducing redundancy.

  • [1850]

    How would one set about downsize Maids of Honor to fit modest living quarters? Why not cut canvas into individual portraits appropriately distributed in different rooms? Uninitiated guest would not necessarily even surmise they came from same composition.

  • [1851]

    Read so slow information start disintegrate. Wave of attention of Rubens performance keeps it all together. Velázquez sketchy at times then lingers inexplicably, approaching line where things start fall apart but then in recognition of situations do so all the time. Is it not mostly like that? Constant rescue operation just to keep things togheter by maintenance.

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