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    Kamares design no flat pattern but swell of sea vessel of containment. Cf tangle of creatures woven into Anglo-Irish Durrow carpet page to fit crowded life of meandering thoughts fit to line of script. Kamares painter and Anglo-Irish scribe would understand one another perfectly well since both engage and articulate what it means to embrace value. Merriam-Webster: embrace; take in or include as a part, item, or element of a more inclusive whole


    Minoans developed their mastery of line on curved surface. Matisse line of drawing on flat but then dancing in depth of light third dimension like snow blindness grace instead of terror. No wonder Matisse found way to explore cut-outs and ultimate space of light in chapel of Vence from cathedral of Chartres.


    Cue lost, if impressive bull appears flat since actually portray Big Wave toss crew around yet in control despite uncontrollable nature of powers embodied in the sea.

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    Dared not walk up to painting with stupendous view since suffer from vertigo. Paintings rarely set feet in motion but ceramics definitely invite hands to touch and grip.

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    Athletes know a good start. Develop habits and rituals for inducing readiness. What about dreamers? How prepare for best dreaming?

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    Is not timing, way of falling into time? As if lots of time actually spent outside time. Beat has no beginning. Pulse already established when become aware of.


    Procession Old Egypt unmarked temporal flow. If sand clock then filled with ocean of sand never need be turned. That clock would depict time but no clock time. Minoan procession introduced 'timing' into time, transport as athletic event, statement and initiative of new understanding of 'presence' and 'the present' but again never clock time. New Orleans jazz funerals associate solemn marching and swing, unperturbed lasting and syncopated timing in one. Discrepancies agreed. But no clock time honored particularly by science.


    El Greco Minoan by birth great band-leader set floor and vault of sky in motion at The Breaking of The Fifth Seal in Book of Revelations when the saints go marching in.

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    Winckelmann dedicated Geschichte der Kunst des Altertums 'to Art and to Time' and 'to his friend Anton Raphael Mengs', three separate 'categories' (Mengs third). Cf labels such as History of Art and Art History. Say former concern thing of art, in perspective of establish some corpus, and latter concern readings of art over time. In short: timeless and thingless art respectively. And Mengs.

    Thing-of-art is timeless in sense recognition has strong aspect of permanence about it, even establish permanence where another observe change. As when: took some time to recognize her but when I did, noticed nothing had changed in the meantime.

    The reading-of-art is thingless in sense acknowledgment has a strong aspect of novelty about it, even notice (acknowledge) something new where some other saw nothing but all over again.

    Enter Mengs: takes beholder presence, to recognize and acknowledge relevance beyond individual span of life. What that three-partite dedication to Art, Time and Mengs: honors.

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    Exclude science of imaginary solutions, pataphysics, from science risk throw out baby with bathwater. Throw kid overboard for learning to swim has something about it since immersion has. Cf dry swim for new event at Olympic Games.

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