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    Happens repeatedly in looking glass eyes set on topography of traits not quite you. Notion of lovers drowning in eyes mutual affair of lost land and grounding, Dance of Death bring same duplicity of reflection to its limit. Heidelberger Totentanz.

  • [1764]

    Merriam-Webster: symptom
    1 a :  subjective evidence of disease or physical disturbance; broadly :  something that indicates the presence of bodily disorder
    2 a :  something that indicates the existence of something else <symptoms of an inner turmoil>

    Merriam-Webster: passion
    1 a :  the sufferings of Christ between the night of the Last Supper and his death.
    3    :  the state or capacity of being acted on by external agents or forces

    There are stations of passion revealed by symptoms. The panels of Grünewald Isenheim Altarpiece are such stations. Cf def 1 a of 'symptom' and 1 a of 'passion'.
    And there are steps of passage in passion revealed by symptoms. Duchamp striptease of The Bride are such steps of passage. Cf def 2 a of 'symptom' and 3 of 'passion'. Difference of Grünewald and Duchamp is that between movement and season, between unpredictability and predictability still within same frame and range of rules and conditions. Of suffering desire.



    Hans Holbein Anna von Cleve touch of intimate communication with beholder escaping restrictions imposed by robe and role. Grünewald goes deeper by showing body itself be straitjacket.


    Holy Ghost floating diffuse light cool background of Annunciation characterized by intensity of deep absorbing blues and flaming reds and yellows. Cf altarpiece with carved figures having no light space of their own but borrowing from where they sit. Grünewald made colors of light primary source and subject of his polyptych. Would not let himself be hampered by shifting conditions of illumination.

  • [1767]

    Quality light achieved and delivered like good acoustics, by trial and error.


    Desert panel with unbothered Peter and Paul camping in foul deserted surroundings. Central panel with Virgin Mary and the Christ Child in fair alpine scenery, in good spirits despite premonition of agony and passion suggested by torn cloth wrapped around her infant.


    Depressing nightscape of Grünewald Crucifixion could have been painted by Courbet of Ornans same region les Vosges. Cézanne did not paint weather liked to paint early before heat and hustle set in sometimes at 4 or 5 in morning atmosphere so clear neither time nor temperature neither season nor weather.


    Sick boy Raphael Transfiguration only sound soul of the lot. Grünewald transvisual account leads patient through climates of agony until process comes to end when even terrestrial setting freed from cycle of seasons beyond every seal. Brought about by Resurrection.

  • [1771]

    Chiaroscuro painter explores logic of shading of bodies moving or being moved in and out of obscurity while diagnostic painter twilight painter like Grünewald explores light as driving seasons of life before ultimately withdrawing into its own source of pure light of Resurrection.

  • [1772]

    Chiaroscuro not associated with temperature not warmed up even slightest by pencil of light even. Grünewald accounts precisely for story of temperature from wave of warmth of blushing cheeks through fever and ague, Ignis Gehenna, Ignis Divina, to cold numbness of death and beyond where temperature lost its volume to pure light shining shadow of Christ.

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