sailed against the wall
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    Witness van Eyck in doorway, of Heaven and Home, without which Duchamp striptease-of-revelation would have fallen on barren ground.


    van Eyck Eve and Rubens Helene in Fur marry in Duchamp Passage of Virgin to Bride.

  • [1671]

    Display of non-adjusted clocks at watchmakers still life with pieces identified by individual time. No, not that one, the one to the left, reading 11.31. In basket of fruit one apple is redder than another. Display of identical cans stored on rack beg question of differentiation.


    Party by Jan Steen and still life by Jan Janz van de Velde much same tangle of trajectories. Genre scene accelerated still life and still life decelerated genre piece. Characteristic Affinitas prevalence of selective information against cogent analysis of Origo by Leonardo. Entropy vs geometry.


    Affinitas observe everything alike unlike hungry eyes of Origo: difference between van Eyck pose of quiet attention and Pisanello act of attraction.


    Group of Guardsmen of the Amsterdam Kloveniersdoelen by Dirck Jacobsz of 1529 and Leonardo Last Supper 1497. Affinitas start multiplicity while Origo in eye of turbulence. Dactylology in common.

  • [1675]

    Sequence of landmarks checked one by one until arrival. Sailing by skymarks do not come and go one by one but whole chart turn.


    Is not straight avenue, deformation of meandering pathway? Why Avenue at Middelharnis by Hobbema look strange. No! Look! some distance ahead road bends off from axis of avenue. Pick of Affinitas of course. Sense of spread not vanish.


    Affinitas, balance out effect of far and close. Instead of fading Breughel distant figures semaphore sign quality all way to horizon. Closeup Vermeer figure need not flag alone under far away sails of thought.


    Coordination rather than interaction, sort Piero out among compatriot masters. Could have made him appear blunt and vague in comparison but No. Everything couched in breathing depth of contingency none of them even came near to. As if spent time in Campin land places to go in background never touched by screen projection. Look next neophyte midway out of his blouse only with some trouble. Degas feel about him observed offstage where subtle move come from.

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