smiles without meaning
  • [284]

    Listen with eyes touch by words.

  • [318]

    Expand keyboard both ends pay attention to fading sound of additional notes into vastness of silence above and below range of hearing. Even silent-to-ear notes can be tuned. Would not Beethoven have recognized potential of writing music for this omnimax-grand?

  • [319]

    Qualification is all Lascaux is about.

  • [320]

    Difference between bow-and-arrow and guitar: elasticity of bow and elasticity of string respectively. Discharge arrow by guitar snap and twang of pure music. Sling-shot even more unsuitable for music since charge depleted to dregs of blurred slackness in no time. No lasting vibration for music to ride on.

  • [321]

    Arrow leave bow when string snap back to short-lived whirring.

  • [322]

    Vibration spread around if not screened coushioned or mixed one way or another form patterns of turbulence.

  • [324]

    Does tune traverse and articulate musical space? Would walk through room articulate same space?

  • [325]

    Difference looking glass and virtual reality, is it avatar can sneak around corners. I cannot in mirror.

  • [326]

    Window is clean when things seen clearly through it. Discontent window cleaner carrying on by cleaning and polishing even everything seen through window would not only be over-ambitious but miss point that clear view can be of what confused and unclear.


    What would it mean see oneself in mirror in a dream if dream alredy a mirror? Would it be like endless replication when caught between confronting mirrors? Cannot imagine cascading replication from particular point of view actually happening within dreaming since weird perceptual interception no option to dreamer until told so by somebody self awake happen under straight perceptual control only state in which weird perception is weird. Also why doped perception another matter since debilitated sense of control.