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  • [818]

    Crack code impressive while pass on key simple please of placebo.

  • [819]

    If black eye in morning mirror seek not stain on glass but try remember how put to sleep.

  • [820]

    What not attended to in picture not blank but marginalized. What not noticed in mirror might never get noticed say hair on lapel later blown off by wind.

  • [821]

    Aspect seeing Wittgenstein revision of picture seeing. Do painters seek aspects? Would dreams produce aspects? Thinker lover amateur anyone animator want more than aspect something satisfy hungry eyes.

  • [824]

    Is attention readiness? Cf  question whether performance is action. Performance spillover while action contained.

  • [825]

    What a picture is cannot be said. No problem. In cases where cause problem definition no help anyway. Hit by wall of trompe l'oeil open door physical resistance in operation. No lesson in picture theory.

  • [826]

    Imagination know what image is without be informed. A trompe l'oeil does not show one can be mistaken demonstrate we know perfectly well what picture is practically speaking.

  • [827]

    In process of painting... stepping back... lingering... leaving picture as it is... Interrupted? Disturbed? Unfinished? Need not be due to some inconvenience except when the case of course.

  • [828]

    Stopping, turning, taking a few steps... Why interrupted progress? No obstacle around on that patch of level ground. But travelling mind hold as steady a course (meandering) as mental terrain allows.

  • [829]

    Window shopping, linger in front of museum exhibit, stop examine plants along trail. What makes person stop and watch? Search for answer in somebody private life is intrusion. Sharing attention, way of aesthetics, what matters.

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