sound that was not speech

    Monet fluent medium Michelangelo solid block start from same assertion of no sinkhole density.

  • [1655]

    Imagine finally saw what Michelangelo had in mind when said saw figure already in block. In Remarks on Color Wittgenstein writes he could imagine logician saying had at last succeeded in really being able to think 2 x 2 = 4. Part I remark 69.


    The shelter of rock, of Madonna of the Rocks, Leonardo expansion of her. Pietà Rondanini Michelangelo process of contraction into original unity of birth in reverse.

  • [1657]

    Gentle caress of eye sculptor force turn crude to palpitating smoothness. No more to piece than meet the hand. Wiggle loose baby tooth read braille in bumpy air.


    Michelangelo pietà groups raise no question since show case when endeavor of understanding finally fail. Block break and withstand muscular efforts of aging mind.


    Scars and wounds of Vesperbild, Michelangelo lack of strength withstand overwhelming down-pull of sinking. Beyond difference same perception.


    Between slender body of Pietà di San Pietro and Pietà Rondanini those of extreme muscular build of no avail.


    Precious rock mounted on ring piece of sculpture. Couched in satin lined focus of refracted light token of faith and love. Formula of Michelangelo, Pietà di San Pietro.