stripped to the skin
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    Picture maker recover vision by see through surface same time notice be mirrored moment of surprise no agitation shop window case. Paleolithic animator no window screen or looking glass in spoonlight of cavern. Duchamp hinted at through Étant donnés.

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    Would one say about kid first draw pic of animal then shoot at it with toy gun magic of dominance? But few examples of spears arrows shot thrown at animals in cave imagery. Would Duchamp Nine shots be magic? Not clear if target out there at all. Could be Nine Shots precede Bride even. Confused celebration of shooting in the air. Wonder of life emerge from wall of rock no game of domination.

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    What follows Chauvet transformation of same. Does not mean stop observing since always more to be seen.

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    No trace of enmity nor distance but appreciation of clarity such as never set free by drugs or sorcery.

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    Already Chauvet teach clarity unsigned.

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    Author penetrate dream like speleologue not to bring about change but visit places likely to affect change of mind.

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    Infinity, neolithic framing of unframables. Literacy happens in infinity. Numbers are literal as in alphabetical. Paleolithic mind cued on close quarters of continuities. Chiaroscuro of Caravaggio combines letter and touch into unfathomables.


    First paragraph of Tractatus: Die Welt ist alles was der Fall ist. The world is everything that is the case. Casus, a falling. Wittgenstein cabin at Skjolden watching steadily like owl from that rock ledge. The Bridal Veil to the right. Spectacular view and murmur of falling waters, aural affect optic. Joyce Finnegan fall (‘pftjschute’ cf. 'chute d'eau') first page unshaped sound pass within earshot precipitate language. And pilgrim asleep with vision of Adam literally fall to ground. From Guillaume de Degulleville Pèlerinage de la vie humaine, Paris ca 1405 BN fr.1647 folio 95v. Eva Lindqvist Sandgren showed me.

    Acknowledgment of The Case (der Fall) premeditated by Leonardo drawing “A Cloudburst of Material Possessions


    Invisible conceptual waterfall of Large Glass visually articulated in depth of Étant donnés: 1° La chute d'eau , 2° Le gaz d'éclairage, 1946-66, Philadelphia Museum of Art. Gift of the Cassandra Foundation, 1969-41-1.

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    Introductory paragraph oracular: world every thing fall into language. Concluding remark reminder: vanity of grasping by design of science. Happens language, only viable alternative pass over in silence not quite silent grammar waterfall within earshot.

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