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  • [970]

    In literate society people speak their literature.

  • [971]

    Would there be illiterate historians?

  • [972]

    Could people rob me of my language pretend never understand what I say?

  • [973]

    Write something truthful. What could it be? “This writing is by me. Who is that?

  • [974]

    Value of argument lessened by argumentation.

  • [981]

    Study illiterate societies we literate people do. Difficult resist accounting for their orality by working out their grammar of speech by committing it to writing. Do we not rob them of their language then?

  • [982]

    Kids. One says Yes! another No! Goes on and on, back and forth, tug of war. Possible difference of opinion long since lost in fun of pure opposition of tongue.

  • [983]

    Truthful all along winding path of writing, impossible for innumerable reasons. Corpus of laconic runic inscriptions maybe one of best preserved foolproof bodies of literature there was. Hard believe formulations like 'X raised this stone in memory of Y' would be false. With some helping anonymous hands for sure since heavy. And if blatantly untrue, say Z did it, still true in principle. Somebody did it with some help of somebody.

  • [984]

    'History' as in: “It's history now! meaning something no longer relevant. What 'now' do historians establish?

  • [985]

    Penal code, is it not closest one get to definition of society? stipulating in letters what forbidden in action.

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