the murmur of trees
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    No wonder Michelangelo trouble combine always individual pieces into group since they shun company. Medici tomb singles wrapped up on themselves oddly incorporated in mock façade.


    About painting in progress fresco for example evident which parts of picture remain be painted. In respect to sculptural group like Rodin Burghers of Calais no obvious saying whether some figure missing or not. Tight group scattered in Stanford version.


    Pietà broken relation broken unity broken block of rock. Michelangelo worked hard on restoring unity lost from begin throughout his career. In Pietà Rondanini amidst broken patched up parts digging deeper reaching and revealing unmolested core of slab in process-of-unity.


    Composer demonstrate inventiveness in development of theme. Pietà, critical theme to Michelangelo varied throughout his life but hardly in order to show polymorphic ingenuity like some Picasso rather repeated rescue operation of falling apart.

  • [1549]

    Beethoven Hammerklavier Sonata chunks of music put together little left of drive of his early sonatas. Do we not expect Baroque and Romantic music have unbroken continuity in common? be it through steady pulse or tides respectively from which lae Beethoven broke up brew of patchwork make no sense captivate mind.

  • [1550]

    Unfinished music call for completion whereas unfinished piece of sculpture typically complete even with missing parts. Lingers a prosthetic quality about added missing parts of carving. Music like speech can be carried on naturally at later occasion because that is what they do: carry on.


    Caravaggio St Jerome writing on left page of folio of which only few pages completed. Actor modelling author would probably write top of right page somewhere in middle of volume more comfortable also indicate progress been made. And book not firmly on table too low be comfortable man of his age. Children ignore organizing working space ergonomically able read and write all kinds of twisted positions. Caravaggio tangibility of writing emanating from odd aspects of it.


    St.Jerome bent over book almost like Magdalene over her missing child sunken head turned towards profile expose always defenceless naked back of neck immersion.

  • [1553]

    Caravaggio late paintings less intricate than his Roman works. Wittgenstein remarks of the Investigations suspended in open of informed language no props skeleton or scaffolding to support them occur within Wittgenstein confidence language does not trick and dissimulate except when it does however no structural threat because no structure to begin with.

  • [1554]

    Grammatical complexity Wittgenstein faced staggering but overlapping instances build bridges or rope or wild-grown cities thriving traffic. Easy.

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