then pulled them apart
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  • [1900]

    Goya heard from voice of graphics. Cf Gould humming voice of music. Suppose some sound engineer cleansed Gould recordings from humming some caption editor cut Goya vocalizations from his graphics. Both cases maimed beyond repair.


    If illumination shine of underlying Logos, Goya caption extorted from calling a shovel shovel a tiger tiger. And with same axiomatic weight of burden: For this you were born.

  • [1902]

    Children picture book clarity of language to be learned: seeing and saying be one. Imagine Goya graphic work compiled into dismal primary reader for someone who had lost track and access to language of evidence.


    Goya Say-after-Me puts beholder in position of having no option but read and acknowledge. Cf David focus on oath, encroachment on integrity of language of evidence. Barking Dog.


    Goya tapestry cartoons lose themselves in dusting powder makeup nonsense somehow helped him in direction towards images etch themselves on mind.


    Title, function key open up picture see hidden image. Klee Umgriff (Embrace) unlocks what might not even been spotted not lost exhausted when look back. Goya deadlock title Para eso habeis nacido For this you were born does not help better seeing of what shown yet remains part and parcel of view be read over and over again.

  • [1906]

    Done asleep and undisturbed somnambulist takes amwalk and walk is all she does. Walk one takes awake is for a reason, be it no more than for taking a walk.

  • [1907]

    Walking through galleries of great museum collecting images like squirrel storing up for winter season.


    Setting of Maids of Honor studio and stage. Of choreography.


    Maids of Honor Velázquez self portrait somewhat like Caravaggio Decapitation of St John. Both authors at center of scene with difference former at top of control and latter at bottom of lost.

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