they were still warm
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    Borromini exterior S.Carlo alle quattro fontane modulated yet restrained no hindrance to crosstown traffic. Bernini exterior of S.Andrea al Quirinale block down the road, entrance sticking out like some nightspot open invitation occasioning its opposite: detour.


    Borromini interior certain lofty studio privacy about it while Bernini interior spectacle in comparison. Former never lost sight of architect first offer: of refuge. Would like Borromini work on bus-stop shelter and Bernini on Omnimax Movie Theater.


    Borromini no spill-over. But inspired exuberance among followers, who like Hegel seized upon opportunity of overhauling Kant in excess. Gaulli plafond Il Gesù.

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    Good housing tend be discreet about weather while paintings often enough preoccupied with weather conditions as we are ourselves on meeting somebody for no reason.


    Arches collapse cantilever constructions rather fall apart. Forth Bridge deferred separation Konitsa Bridge frozen collapse.

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    Photograph offer excess of resemblance to somebody seek be true to life.


    East and West difference in appreciation of quality, obvious only when comparing incompatible domains of articulation such as case of painting over there and painting at home of here. Compare compatible entities such as Eastern painting and Western music then little difference.

    Critical concept of 'sheet' broad piece of cloth or paper. In The West since long, tendency of considering sheet be slice of time, photograph paradigm but prefigured from renaissance more or less devoid of temporal depth or variation, a projection where all elements synchronically present. In The East rather timespace fabric of emergence. Beethoven autograph calligraphical terrain of timespace like in Close East.


    Tracing Matisse drawing on transparent overlay would seem managable yet would produce completely mistaken result since pen pusher trapped in following lines as if settled on flat surface when floating in space.

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    Which part of butterfly previously part of larva? Never spot bridge and link of metamorphosis nor connection of, say, person mending a tire and same person playing flute. Well, Robert M.Pirsig would probably recognize same care of maintenance.


    Passage from bike to bull less intriguing than passage from bull to bike. Complete passage, dismantle trick, put handle bars and saddle back to where they belong on that poor dismembered bike and let it sink in!

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