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    Mythomaniacs are minority or language would die out.

  • [1098]

    If there were no surface of reflection we would be as ignorant about the present as we are about those who left no imagery behind.

  • [1099]

    Imponderables of Investigations replace unsayable of Tractatus. Former definitely in the plural while unsayable is single as sea of silence.

  • [1100]

    Rambling mind can and cannot move about freely in relation to looking glass. Mirror has some picture properties to it just as there is a mirror in every picture.

  • [1101]

    Mirror, resource for subtle correction of one's apparition. Vague shadow of hidden source of appearance stirs uncertainty. In Velázquez appearance and apparition change places uncontrollably.

  • [1102]
    Can I see my sight in mirror? No. If possible then pervasive blindness, in there being no source of visual discrimination since no blind spot. The blind spot defines me as seer with eyes. Nature know there are as many blind spots around as there are eyes busy explore, hence adapt itself accordingly. Assume sight instead some sweeping-haze-visual-presence having no origin, then nature would not dress itself in colors for visual discrimination.
    Wittgenstein of The Tractatus stated every statement ultimately a tautology. Says nothing. As if language were floating mist. Understood later there must be a blind spot of every choice of words simply to enable language at all.


  • [1103]

    Wittgenstein never said language pictured like mirror. Mirror much too logical serve bedrock of logic since cannot produce contradictory reflection. Reflection no tautology rather labyrinth in embryo.

  • [1104]

    If language pictured like mirror then mirror made of parts fitted together which is precisely what a mirror is not. Can be, technically, of course. Not the point.


    Portrait of vision, expression of no expression, wide open eyes missing nothing observing nothing, Rembrandt, portrait of the poet Jeremias de Dekker and Lady from Warka 3.200 BCE.

  • [1106]

    James J.Gibson says a lot about picture seeing but nothing about self portrait, that I can remember. Because self of mirror reflection adds little to navigation? Yet all and everybody met their own brittle reflection in water mirror or else enough to start wondering whereabout in the world.

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