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    Before literacy no meaning but evidence.

  • [332]

    In ancient Egypt script from pictogram while holy script of biblicobibliotheque rather passage from script to picture.

  • [366]

    Literacy oasis in desert land.

  • [367]

    Literacy divide heaven and earth comply with division.

  • [368]

    First script map of heaven. Writing expand like skies.

  • [369]

    Spinning wheels of nonsense words without traction. Qualitative words make sense or nonsense nothing in between.

  • [375]

    Nomad follow herd of herbivores while livestock typically fenced in by farmer. Pastoral life in between: sheep follow shepherd for protection as much as shepherd follow sheep in search of pasture. Pastoral disposition balance strategy of following close and fencing in, sheepdog shepherd's flying fence negotiator of rough terrain.


    Highly stylized prehistoric figurines and carved heads preserved in Balkan region striking similarities to African sculpture. Are we considering cultures considerable similarities in form of life? Head in black and white from Romania, head in color, African.

  • [377]

    Animator of Chauvet and Lascaux re-visited clearing in the dark. Bruce Chatwin met first people friends return along trail, ight in shadow and line of song.

  • [378]

    Monument of commemoration to withstand wear of time. Dancing much same act of commemoration incorporate pulse of ancestral origin outlast endurance of each and every dancer.

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