towel in the basin
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  • [762]

    Qualification make aesthetics turn up on page of language.

  • [763]

    Radar and sonar operate like window and mirror in combination, like art in principle, only point of radar and ping of sonar register position of no extension while illumination afford large canvas of some sort.

  • [764]

    Only humans satisfied with such poor stimulation as afforded by signs and symbols. As if life were a book. Of course, a good book on life dissolves the book.

  • [765]

    Speculation and reflection neighboring concepts former seem not be given credit deserved. Turn pocket mirror away from face slip out of reflection into speculation seamlessly.

  • [766]

    Stand like column translate flying body of Minoans to subtle fine-tuning of standing tall perfect still on floor of city. Cf somebody learn walk on terra firma who knew only tight-ropewalking. Might not appear challenge still something those polis men of Athens always liked compete in beauty of stance.

  • [777]

    Skill communicate no formalities. Domain of appreciation.


    Ancient Greece synthesize sculpture and architecture into general tectonics as in most worthy building structures like Porch of Erechteion. Ancient Near East synthesize letter character and ornament into general calligraphic fabric of their most worthy building complexes like Palace of Alhambra.

  • [779]

    Action picks what reflection consider embedded.


    Aesthetics no bonus but foundation. Aesthetic intelligence uncivilized but althrough considerate.

  • [787]

    Saw dragon in cloud and whale surfacing in rolling hills. Were those creatures as distant as that cloud and those hills? No. Aesthetic attention does not consider things as distant or close but simply as present.

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