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    Source of Sacra Conversazione imperial protocol of Antiquity. Byzantine influence extended lease of life in Venice where Bellini and Giorgione explored its strict rigor in direction of atmosphere of intimacy.


    Danish Golden Age Købke breathing Venetian Giorgione. Still of tempest. Both nature and habitat. Someone there others been left traces to tell. What is this in genre terms? Point of reference Vélazquez views from Villa Medici, figures figuring in them happened turn up when painter, like people interfering where tourist wish camera to remember. Happened to be there not the point or better precisely the point. Zero. Las Meninas and Las Hilanderas unthinkable without that experience. Parties figuring in them could leave. Would make no difference yet all the difference. Cf Sacra Conversazione. If figures left set would miss them.


    Danish Golden Age delicate atmosphere brought about without there being anyone around to set tone or being somebody being some body in space. Figures neither romantic observers nor meditating cosmos. Cf Giorgione Philosophers meditating their presence in the world. Mind cradle of coincidence.


    Is there romantic atmosphere yes when infinity help read bittersweet shapes of finality in light or sound. Melancholy different sense of stuckness solid dull chaotic Friedrich and Dürer.


    Giorgione Philosophers no romantic observers since rely on charts and instruments for reading universe however seem be taking break from business.


    Icon two-dimensional analogue of tin figure mold by accepting evidence seep in from divine source. Icon painter does not project image but accept essence. Cretan icon painter helping street salesman advertise his ice on scooter-shop window showing profile portrait of man with clearly apostolic features taste ice cream cone. Photograph from friend late 1960s.

    Cf linear perspective made painters aware of projection as unrivalled technique of picture making. Suppose Giorgione imagined and explored subtle interaction of projection and reception going on in process of picture making.

    Anyone play tin figures know difference between seeing them on shelf and in battle. Exactly when do tin figures engage? Giorgione Sacra Conversazione figures unrelated to one another little like tin figures still on shelf but on threshold get engaged with one another. As to Tempest are not man and woman on verge of becoming aware of together? and the philosophers are they not  slowly waking up wondering where they are and what those instruments and charts they carry are for and why they there together?


    Giorgione philosophers no romantic observers since rely on charts and tools for their position in space. Figures of Tempest not disturbed by weather that definitely would haste non-campers into shelter.

    Giorgione quest of orientation and presence of mind seed of Nexus. El Greco mind neither swept away by scale and grandeur of universe nor by shredded clouds of stormy weather stay firmly rooted even when imagination run amuck. El Greco and Cervantes prominent explorers of Nexus or more precise: icon painter and quijotian character, prominent explorers.

    Same sense of location: Giorgione Tempest in landscape with ruins from his own hometown Castelfranco Veneto and El Greco vision of Laokoon, happen on hilltop opposite bank of Tajo, view on home in Toledo seen across valley.

    Step from Giorgione Tempest to El Greco Laokoon step from Origo to Nexus. Origo Mind mental constitution take itself every bit serious but of course acknowledging same to everybody else.

    In her eyes at home, embraced and sheltered. Cf her sister Gioconda in front of nature.

    El Greco added vision to observation. And in vision we share when framed by sharp observation. Trained visionary back as painter of icons on Crete at young age before meet strong-minded art of Venice: combined those two sets of eyes into vision and observation core value of Nexus.


    Giovanni Bellini saints in sacred conversation, con together vertere turn, immersed in process of understanding that does not shake apart like discussion, dis apart quatere shake, process smooth and complete from start no argument disturb placid transparence. Cf Rembrandt Staalmeesters frozen moment question of questioner hanging in air.

    Giorgione Astronomers confused variation on Sacra Conversazione: Sacra Confuzione. Could not state of confusion con together fundere pour out, be illuminating? Setting peaceful enough but those figures seem wonder about whereabouts. No, different from sacra conversazione elementary Origo rule: takes protagonist to develop a scene. If those philosophers did not keep an eye on the scenery there would be none.

  • [1579]

    Giorgione and Titian conceived of people as re-sponding re-flecting re-laxing re-clining in acts of re-orientation after having descended from some uncharted elsewhere. No map support orientation in infinite of environment so varied and wonderful they feel like strangers like tourists and campers they wonder need some rest to metabolize impression of being around in the world. No! Wrong. Well, say they over-reacted. Came out as very much at rest with themselves...


    Is not Caravaggio Dormition his Sacra Conversazione? Neighbors in audience lost to characters on screen or stage, no sign of being together yet sharing in the same.

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