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  • [2084]

    Draftsman and painter very much same as window-cleaner care indefatigably about transparency of medium.

  • [329]

    Language clear as clear day. When overcast wait for it to clear up.

  • [333]

    To see light nothing but light, undifferentiated light would be blindness since eyes cued on differentiation. Still idea of complete and invisible transparency ideal of vision.

  • [334]

    Goethe demonstration of urphänomen of light designed to make beholder aware of leap in color perception of which one tends to be un-aware when isolated but color shift when perceived in relation to neighboring hue. Goethe proved there was nothing relative about relative character of color perception.

  • [335]

    Experiment differ from demonstration: trigger yes/no response instead of flip/flop quality shift. Experiment decide whether something is the case or not, while demonstration highlight this and that.

  • [338]

    Clarity is never symbolic but symbols make use of clarity.

  • [339]

    Something picked up along the way used stashed away or lost. Cf reflection no commodity but ever present company.

  • [340]

    Reflection suggest certain permanence of shine. Mirror is as permanent a source of shine as is light of reflection.

  • [341]

    Mirror equates by give back all invested in it. Shadow and  stencil hide source as much as showi it with precision hence introduce Plato hierarchy even within perfect match.


    Stencilled hands and grid of blazon tell they had tools of print maker, means of repeating signs and register for putting them in order, already in Pech Merle and Lascaux etc but no or limited urge to embark on road of abstraction.

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