under the lamp

    Early chiaroscuro of Caravaggio splendor fade in shaded areas. Vincent light emerge from within body of color itself hence no chiaroscuro no shaded parts intense light throughout even in dark places even night scenes. Does not Country Road show full bodied colors of both day and night same time together?

    Affinity of Giorgione and Vincent ever so vibrant. Chiaroscuro of Caravaggio et al interlude with downside since vibration lost in dark areas no weather. Giorgione Tempest nature still and silent yet frissonement of tenterhooked nerves.

    Vincent all color suggest complementarity of restored unfiltered light from palette of divided uncomposed unrelated refractions of light. Vincent all drawing mean color has graphical side to it.

    If only airbrush no Vincent because smooth color exempt of friction. Why those zigzag slashed black crows of color space attract attention, repeat general pattern and plan of painting. Cuts and scars into body of color squeezed out of color. Agony and relief in one at once.

    Vincent landscapes look convulsive are not. Feet know strong light does not shake the ground. Cf. heat waves tremble looming figuration in distance. If Newton used prism for splitting light into colors Vincent other way round: saw colors compose light. Remember light is invisible until hitting things splash colors around (or in cosmos bent by matter). Things that are colored furnish the world make it place to live and die. In other words: home.
    Visit empty theater and it is empty. Church different. Alone or at mass same presence or not. Messiaen organ works do not fill empty space but render interior topography of church acoustically. Assume some carvings removed, would it not be heard? Imagine organ sound-check carried out for controlling everything is in place for service.
    Vincent not sleeping in his picture bed. Does not mean bed is empty because that bed a self-portrait. And that bedroom is the world not shelter from it. Picture of painter in the world comfortable day and night asleep and awake. That room no different from his landscapes, his version of Millet Farmers at Rest rest in same bedroom straw-bed of the world.
    Vincent bedroom-of-the-world not wholly stabilized yet not eruptive, more like cradle rocking for sleep not all that different from dancing in the street across nations. Cf. hotel management want you feel first guest home come room service to go with it still stranger in the night stranded in foreign bed foreign land do not fool yourself.  

    Vincent worked with sketches repeatedly but then not in preparation but post factum being his own secretary in letters to Theo, shorthand drawing from dictation of his master self vision.

  • [1759]

    Did not Vincent light of illumination emanate from color? Did not Cézanne transparence of clarity emerge from structure? If color illuminates why not use Vincent painting to light up in the dark? If clarity is structured how could it be no construction interfere with clarity? Point is Vincent was concerned with illumination in response to light and Cézanne engaged in transparency in response to structure.


    Vincent olive grove paintings implicate van Eyck Adoration of the Lamb like variations on a theme in music.


    Vincent man of passion man with mission cut off part of ear to free himself from debasing delights. Cut off ear castrated hearing right panel of Bosch Garden of Delights in immediate vicinity of bagpipe. Bagpipe music back then associated with debauchery. Angels do not play bagpipe play organ as in van Eyck Ghent altarpiece sounding aspect of House of God. Is not bagpipe handheld organ breeches down pumping mechanism? Rings of smoke pipe of peace.


    Blinding light at night turned Saul into Paul since got rid of his blindness learned see. Lace maker cannot perform without grace of light any more than Vermeer or Caravaggio fully aware of, even celebrating fact of it.