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    Rembrandt touch, revision of vision. Clasped hands: self portrait within realm of tactility, touch and be touched byself.

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    Distance is, within constructive thinking, case of symmetry defined as twice halfway between designated end points. Notion of doubling any distance is computation.

  • [1140]

    Maybe aspect-seeing even forced him reconsider grammatical approach? since dawning of aspect hardly matter of use and praxis. If aspect seeing permeates cognition also language. Did not Wittgenstein always stress language never anything unto itself but fabric of actions and circumstances inextricably enmeshed.


    Axis of symmetry straight edge of mirror pressed against wall, reflect fold out pattern of wall paper, how metaphysics hinged to physics. Duchamp Glider mounted like swinging door. Frame of picture. Frames generally suggest window or door. Swinging  mode or aspect, notion of hinge, exacting attention. Tractatus propositions 2.15 to 2.1515 relevant to understanding picture relation to world (Pears/McGuinness):

    2.1511 Thus the picture is linked with reality; it reaches up to it.
    2.1512 It is laid against reality like a measure.
    2.15121 Only the end-points of the graduating lines actually touch the object that is to be measured.
    2.1513 So a picture, conceived in this way, also includes the pictorial relationship, which makes it into a picture.
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    Vanishing point of linear perspective. Horizon of curved space: vanishing zone of vision. Vision cued on distinction between ‘point’ and ‘zone’.

  • [1143]

    Vanishing point no properties nobody praise beautiful vanishing point. Vanishing zone has properties inciting expectation and exploration, contour and horizon of a nude of earth of apple or constellation.

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    Children pictures, valued for what their makers tell about them rather than what seen with eyes. Suppose all pictures erased after a while only stories, like those about ancient Greek painters, no pictures exant all there was to watch.

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    Horn sculpting clay of breath. Music does not convey anything but what is heard in voice of breathing speech. Glenn Gould knew not only at keyboard but through polyphonic speech recordings.

  • [1146]

    High or low spirits, state of mind momentum of its own affecting and affected by circumstances, establish itself and passing away for unclear reasons. Could not be otherwise. Attitude of weightless clarity is but dream sustained by articulation.

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    Major and minor justifiably associated with ups and downs of mode of mind.

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