walls of the house
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    Way unfold scenery turn left after cross stream where daffodil abundance on your left. Details oral map replaced without interfering with nature. If daffodils gone for example.

  • [264]

    Unlike signs tracks traces differ in clarity some barely detectable yet potentially noticeable by trained eye. Signs are not more or less but distinct and clear their sense uncompromised by place where they sit. To those who know of course. As anything around can be used for code, signal of sign need not even noticed by others.

  • [265]

    Memorize way what memorize is.

  • [266]

    Form recognizable as articulate volume lasting in temporal space for while at least. Notion of format prescribe limits of form from outside of articulation.


    Deliberate response possible only up to point since overall picture set limits. Duchamp notion of undergoing the interrogation by shop windows (from à l'Infinitif) focus on discipline and obedience beholder cannot even hope to escape.

  • [270]

    Ephemeral yet catching attention point and track to follow towards past and ahead into not yet said.

  • [271]

    Trace absorbed motion trap occasion arrest. Picture either or both recognition of trap and trace respect. Symmetries are traps (kaleidoscope). Frames and view-finders are for spotting trace.

  • [272]

    Frame of picture conceal by embellishment dimensional gap edge of mirror does not designate dimensional gap but prevalence of convolutged space that can be unfolded into domain of unlimited reflection which what thinking all about.

  • [273]

    No way tell whether pattern signify or not. If does then writ. Things different in respect to framed space since frame suggest significance not necessarily sample of writ.


    Shape stick out from undulation knothole interrupt steady flow of growth traced in plank set off in different direction.

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