warm gusty breeze
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    Enter cave of Lascaux good riddance and deliverance. Daumier leaving classroom same thing.

  • [308]

    Space aura of something attributed volume in picture. At certain distance from fireplace heat no longer radiation but warmth and comfort. Spoonful of light comfort zone of shared imagination.


    Giacometti told going to movies made him discover outside world produce same enhanced fragile presence. This before too bright silver screen when slightest influx of exterior light efface projected figuration. Consider Three Men 3D silent movie for walk about beholder.

  • [310]

    Dyking at heart of ancient flood community control of land by division through canalization and compartmentalization. Prior to that company of entrusted guides for sustenance in unpromised land.

  • [311]

    Every map a mindmap same as every picture an image.

  • [312]

    From top of hill read stations along trail. Map is view from top while landmarks skymarks for tracking and sailing. Even skymarks favor view from top-of-mound, Sumerian ziggurath, but then in order for master reader come down tell compelling forecast everyone better listen to.

  • [314]

    No wonder people who read signs in sky would eventually build dome to represent vault of heaven but then not for weather report.

  • [315]

    Certain peace of mind required for imagination to bear fruit where is one to find it? Underground for example. Or on top of hill.

  • [316]

    Reason some pianists wriggle and sway could it be for scanning sonic field like owls localizing prey hidden in the underbrush?

  • [2069]

    Machine with jangle, machine with disputed outer limits, vague machine with an intricate pulsating machinery powered from distant source, or from within: a desire machine.

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