watched it fall and spark
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    Think along in accordance with evidence. Why should people of past or anywhere have attended spectacle of life otherwise?

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    Image remember back then then still. Quality then now. If not case then some explanation to account for it.

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    Mirror back then still is.


    In light of presence see light expired long ago never expired.

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    If all pictures hidden would imagination then be private?

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    Doric or Phrygian mode of seeing? Is there watching in a key?


    Draftsman's touch, necessarily revealing whereas painting need not expose hand and manner of application of paint. As if coating of color aspired be brushed by air. No bristles no fingerprint in light. But Vincent light different. Fingerprint all over.

    Visible erasures glitches corrections blemishes vagueness part of process of drawing. Rembrandt. Are there animals leave trail of light behind trying to conceal them? What would trace of trail of light be? A shadow? How conceal a shadow? Dark, is it erased light? Michelangelo Pietà Rondanini, is it not as revealing as a drawing, partly perfect as if certain surfaces airbrushed and others in process of withdrawing into conceal of amorphous?


    Idea of volume emerge at intersection of body and space. Jacopo de' Barbari, Portrait of Fra Luca Pacioli and an Unknown Young Man 1500s Wood Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte Naples.


    Yuanji Shi Tao 1642–1707 not volume rather texture of space.


    Point at which mass and space first met programatically, was it not in Sumerian flight of steps of staircase? Idea of piling mass in a regularized manner in order climb and reach higher echelons, core notion of almost any technological enterprise, size of base defining possible height. No theoretical limit to size of base. Is not CERN Large Hadron Collider sort of ziggurat turned inwards?

    Ladder different. Cannot tell if ladder upside down or not when lying around on ground step over no index of hierarchy. Picture of climbing honey gatherer from Spanish prehistoric rocksite more like bridge, the way Hakuin Ekaku 1685–1768 shows Man Crossing Bridge way of connecting shores vertical or horizontal negligible difference.

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