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    Consult in disarray of mid-life vague voice of fate as focal point of protagonist and persecutor surrounded by eye of mind of their audience


    Gaze of Easter Island Giant Heads locked on horizon of ancestral advent. Alpha-digital mind of Sumerians sitting by computer saw horizon as divider of things on ground and signs in sky (edge of screen divider). Maya cared neither for horizon nor division since birth happens from within earth erupts torrents of rain child born in contractions and pain.

    Greek theater perfect receptacle of wide and wild happening in eye of mind. Playwright Beckett Film, focal point and receptacle of theater–equal–theory (theorein: to look at, to watch).

    Pronounced peace of individuality of column in tectonic terms: of carrying and carried. As in carriage of somebody standing like an argument no longer need be argued for cf. tight-rope walker does not argue for balance cf. human proportions reflected in architecture cf. Lao Tze, reflecting on ‘ritual’, section 38 of Dao De Jing (Tao Te Ching):

    Harmony does not care for harmony, and so is naturally attained.

    Greek understanding of harmony is not naturally attained but result from efforts of balancing conflicting intents extrapolation of which is compromise



    Finnegan falling headfirst into language Wake first page.


    Pictures true-to-life wait for them serve them well as they happen. They are not signs but sails cover distance.


    Too much fuss about reflection detrimental to acknowledgement of nature.


    Did not Michelangelo sense Torso di Belvedere as gravity of mass? Does not Michelangelo draughtsman elaborate on human body as mass of attraction?


    Giotto insight result of constructivist eye while Rembrandt granted grace of illuminating touch. Simeon in The Temple.


    this too, too solid flesh Shakespeare Bourgeois Brancusi...

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