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  • [986]

    Representation is interpenetration.

  • [987]

    Resemblance is gradual overlap.

  • [1036]

    An object, something cast ahead for guidance or tossed in well for probing depth.

  • [1037]

    James J.Gibson say source where most would say object. Whenever think object reflect on it as source.

  • [1045]

    James J.Gibson source target of act of vision.

  • [1046]

    Right or wrong of logic and right or left of judgement.

  • [1047]

    Hologram more mirage than projection.

  • [1048]

    From every point of view except nowhere: a view to be beheld.

  • [1049]

    Good portrait inspires beholder to see model meet portrait.

  • [1051]

    Cover stained glass window, say only light intake in crypt, that pictures scene with shaded and bright areas in it. Leave one little piece uncovered that happens to portray a shadow. That unmasked shadow could serve as only source of illuminating particular space one is in.

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