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    Gilles pulling off trick of not putting on act? Shadow of involuntary smile tension and tics of defense. Stage is shelter and no protection at all.

  • [1949]

    How does haute couture relate to work wear? As galant party to work formal language to traffic of speech. Haute couture appropriate at fashion shows formal language in court.

    Diderot asked whether actor felt or feigned. Watteau felt and feigned, efforts and effortless in combination, aspects of same no man's land which is stage (nobody owns). Invisible fourth wall of theater, screen of protection as well as of projection. Cf. track and field, ballcourt, rink, chessboard and so forth, setting definite limits to rule-governed performance of a game.
    Wall and floor tend to differentiate sports from arts since leverage of action largely depend on gravitation and friction (hence emphasis on foot and floor) while imagination less so hence screen of wall for eyes to explore. But all sorts of mixtures of course. Squash sport for instance, where both walls and floor define the game. And Pollock painted on floor but presented on wall. Duchamp chessboard on wall or floor no difference because thoughts happen in quantum space where gravitation set at bay. Sport event depend on space while play on picture. And picture, in turn, on confused space of mirror and window in combination. Homestead of Warhol.



    Is not Gilles looking at us as through bars? Exposed and nowhere to hide figures in background blocking way of escape.

  • [1953]

    Waiting for Godot played by prisoners in prison and Shakespeare play within play. Beckett quality about Wittgenstein building site example. And language game feel about Beckett. And Shakespeare, is he not endless language gamer explore mirror maze language mimicking language?


    Burial at Ornans funeral ceremony in Courbet home province. Somewhere behind lurks El Greco up-lifting Burial of Count Orgaz to which Courbet gave horizontal response. Paris public reacted in the negative.

  • [1955]

    To act somebody no problem: Say after me. Do this after me. But 'to be' somebody? In what sense could I be somebody else if not by acting? What about modeling? Modeling is not acting. Acting is acting out affect environment whereas modeling means moving in the opposite direction inwards towards an empty or unspecified center, a void.

  • [1956]

    One can act somebody else but not occupy his or her space. Only volume I can occupy without conflict is my self. What a model does, modeling his or her own self as a model. Not what actor does.

  • [1957]

    Typecasting is modeling. Scena deals more with modeling than with acting.

  • [1958]

    Jungian analysis should focus on modeling since archetype of types. A model is person fills out space of model exactly in every respect.

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